Plant Pest Barcoding

Welcome to the Plant Pest Barcoding web resource. This site provides summary information on DNA barcode coverage for invertebrate pests of significance to global plant production. It is intended for use by the plant protection community, including regulators, researchers, and growers; allowing users to determine how DNA barcoding can assist their pest identification needs while promoting further development of DNA barcode libraries for plant pests.

Pest species listed herein have been gathered from various sources including national and international pest lists, and include both regulated and non-regulated pest species. The economic and environmental significance of individual pests listed on these pages will vary locally and globally. The single criteria for inclusion of a pest species on these page is the occurrence of that pest on a national or international pest list, or in an academic or industry report.

Barcoding is a rigorous and repeatable methodology that can be applied in a rapid and cost-effective manner. It also facilitates species identification in cases where traditional methods are not applicable (e.g. damaged source material, or for life-stages lacking morphological diagnostic characters). It is a valuable tool for plant pest research and assists decision-making processes in regulatory and integrated pest management frameworks.